Gather’s New Look

Visuals can help communicate what an organization—or a community—values. When Gather began in 2017, the steering committee used the visual branding of Gather’s sponsor, the Agora Journalism Center at the University of Oregon, as Gather’s template. 

Now, with a more established community, the Gather admin team felt Gather should have a visual identity that better reflects what this community is all about: Support. Learning and growth. Friendliness and warmth. Connection. 

With that – meet the new Gather logo!

Andrew worked with the Portland, OR-based graphic design company The Study to create a final mark that could work as a whole and as a series of small icons. We also have a few colors to play with, with red and orange as Gather’s new primary palette.

Here’s a tour through a few icons in the logo and what they mean to us:

Community, Care, Growth

Dialogue, Connection

Ideas, Learning, Enthusiasm

Media, Journalism

To tie all of our channels together, we will be updating this newsletter, the Gather website, the Gather Slack, and Gather’s Twitter with this new branding!